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Bernice Gibbs





Our Apostle

Apostle Bernice Gibbs is energetic, courage and faithful gift to the body of Christ who
teaches with a strong apostolic mantle. Apostle Gibbs was born in Leland, North Carolina
the daughter of Maude and Danny Goodman. She moved to Connecticut in 1962.
Apostle Gibbs and her husband Pastor Willie Gibbs have 53 years of marriage and have
one daughter Sheri Gibbs Sims, Son-in-law Marcus R. Sims and two grandchildren
Josiah and Joselyn Sims. Apostle Gibbs has a host of spiritual sons and daughters.
Apostle Gibbs is the founder and senior Pastor of New Flame Restoration Christian
Church located 1375 State Street in New Haven, Connecticut. She travels throughout the
United States and internationally she teaches at churches conference and retreats.
Apostle Gibbs presides over churches and works extensively with international Pastors
and surrounding communities. Apostle Gibbs has impacted the lives of many people
through the community. Since 1993 Apostle Gibbs is founder of the International
Denomination and Non-Denominational Women Pastor’s Association. 1988 Apostle
Gibbs started Women of Acts Conference and carried it from State to State including
Africa, London England UK. 2004 She changed it to Men & Women of Acts
Conference. She set up many churches.
Under the leadership of Apostolic and Prophetic work she purchased 4 building to
expand work of the ministries. Apostle Gibbs established the Rhema Community
Development Corporation of Connecticut (501c3) for 26 years. Apostle Gibbs was
Executive Director for Prison Re-entry Program and Transitional Coordinator for
Washington D.C. for 3 years representing the State of Connecticut. She has a program for
faith base, case manager for those seeking jobs and shelter.
Apostle Gibbs worked in substance abuse prevention for over 26 years. She has set up
many transition and sober houses within Connecticut. Also working with Department of
Correction and State programs with Men, Women and families. Apostle Gibbs is still
working with State of Connecticut along with other agency to bring wholeness to the
communities. Rhema Community has work out of DOC in Hartford, Waterbury,
Middletown, West Haven and Ansonia Connecticut.
Apostle Gibbs presides on several executive boards throughout the country. She hold a
degree from The University of New Haven, Gateway Community College and a Bachelor
of Biblical Studies from the International Seminar from Florida. Apostle has also
received her Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Zoe University. She is the
author of “Christ In Every Book” & “Twilight Anointing Prayer Book”.


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